Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have my computer back

We closed on this WONDERFUL house on June 18th. Three and a half weeks ago and it has flown by.

Just today I finally got my  40' ethernet cord in the mail so I could connect to the internet (that is next to the tv so we can watch Netflix on the blu-ray because we don't have tv yet). Not that I have had time to be on the computer, or that I have time now.  So far I have...

  • 1. Built the boys  bed (the night we closed, so they would have a place to sleep once we moved in)
  • 2. Ripped the closet out and built a new closet on the other side of the room. The head of our bed is  now in the old closet.  I built in a co-sleeper for Lulu and a nightstand for Stephen on the other side. It's awesome.
  • 3. Painted the red door to a Navy Blue, painted the white shutters to Navy blue.
Remodeling is expensive and like my previous post, we are holding off on pretty much everything.  So... gardening is FREE
  • 4. Ripped out the beds full of weeds.  Ok, really it doesn't sound all that special but it has taken forever.
Stephen rented a rototiller and got busy... now we are both VERY busy mangling through all  the roots. These old owners sure had some ambitious garden plans. I found a BANANA tree tag, you know, the kind that is stuck in the dirt when you buy it,  but no sight of a banana tree.  

Fitting a 3,000 sq foot house with a car port into 1,340 sq foot house with a dinky shed, is quite difficult.  40% of the boxes went straight from the storage pod to the giveaway pile on the front deck.  St. Vincent de Paul came to pick up sooo much stuff. 

Anyway, I will post pictures once I find a USB plug for my SD card, hmmm. 


Erica said...

Pictures please ma'am! I need to see!

Lindsay said...

SO glad you are back :)