Monday, July 19, 2010

Kitchen HELP

These were the listing photos... obviously using a fish hook lense because it is a SMALL kitchen.

And here is the day we moved in.  (Hubby washing the windows)
It just feels so cold and I hate the tile.  But the tile and cabinets have to stay for about a year til we have $5,000 to rip out all the flooring and re-do everything.

HELP... I'm thinking of painting the red to a BUTTERCREAM Yellow.

Maybe I'll paint the tile to  look less Mediterranean, we live in Seattle afterall. I like the checkered look (above) but my tile is NOT on an angle and it may just look wierd.

Perhaps I'll paint the cabinets like this (above)

Or these? (above)

I just want a fresh kitchen, to hold me over til we can redo to achieve this.
But the RED is GONE
Any opinions?


Erica said...

I like the light blue, sage, or white cabinets! I also love the floor in the 2nd kitchen pic!

Erica said...

Oh and I think butcher block countertops would be so awesome and vintage like!

Lindsay said...

I love the buttercream yellow! Good choice :)