Friday, June 25, 2010

Those who wait...

It's ours...the house is all ours and I love it more than I thought I would. So does Stephen. It's perfect. And here I am without Internet on Stephen's iPad tryingto connect to the outside world.. Not thAt I have time, our moving pod ( that has been who knows where for 11 months) is almost unpacked, thanks to my awesome in laws who came over yesterday with their truck so we could take 500 Lbs of the previous owners left over crap out of the shed, so I could have a place for all my saws, strollers... Maybe I should rename my blog "Saws and strollers", hehe.

Anyway, made some awesome changes to the master and office... That's about it. Decided that I will NOT be doing any major renovations ( more than $1,000) until our credit cards and car are paid off. So, next summer I will be having a ball, no debt payments and tons of money saved up for remodeling.

But first since summer is here, the backyard needs serious help, the boys don't even like to play on it because it's so pokey. Then that's it.

Then come next May? 2011( as soon as everything is paid off and I have $10,000 saved up) I'll be completely overhauling the backyard to build Stephen a detached office and two storage sheds to be our fence to the back. And paving the alley back driveway and building a carport.... Pretty ambition for $10k, I know.

Then another $10k to rearrange the bathroom and kitchen in July?..

If I have learned anything, it's patience. Good things come to those who wait and as much as I want to dive head first into an extensive remodel, I need to do it right, with licensed contractors, and with cash. We haven't used a credit card in a year and a half and have been chipping away at paying them off. I'm not about to loose all the ground we just gained because I can't be patient...

So free craigslist... I'm looking for a kitchen faucet that doesn't drip, lol.


Lindsay said...

Congrats! This is such an exciting time for you guys! :)

A Very Fine House {and} said...

Congrats! I have featured your microwave counter on my blog finally :)