Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clawfoot LOVE

Who doesn't love a classic clawfoot tub?

I know my babies certainly do.

It's so classic. 3 kids in 60" clawfoot.

Notice the rust on the bottom right of the tub... thinking of painting the underside navy blue.
And look at the wainscotting, previous owners thought they'd try to spackle over the grooves to make it smooth... ERG. What the heck? (the bathroom is on the left margin)
Anyway, I can't find any  NAVY inspiration, but I love the painted underside.

What do you think?


Erica said...

I have never seen a tub painted. Ever. But I LOVE It! Do it.

Lindsay said...

That last photo is amazing! Love it!

Smitten Design said...

i bet you would be very happy with a painted tub. i love your ideas.