Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bathroom dreams

While surfing craigslist today I came across this beauty.  How amazing would this be to be a REAL sink. 

Plumb the water right out of the wall under the mirror with something like this.

I might have to remove the beautiful pitcher below (that would look fabulous in my kitchen with sunflowers) or my children will shatter it into a million pieces.

But my oh my.  They want $100... fair price. I sent them an email to see if the mirror is tall enough for us (Me 5'10", Redneck (Hubby) 6'4")

But I am moving the sink to be on the far wall so I can move the door to where the current "left sink" is. The new sink will be right where the hanging towels are. Can't you just imagine it there? With the beadboard running all the way around, in all the vintage glory.

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Lindsay said...

Those are so different and fun :)