Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New House Stuff

This is the 1916 house that we are in the process of buying, hoping to close May 28th. Anyway, it's SMALL... or should I say tiny, especially for a family of 5.The downstairs is about 920 sq ft and the upstairs had 2 attic bedrooms (that will be storage and Stephen's office). Anyway, I plan to spend $2000 on new pergo floors and a new IKEA kitchen.  The boys will be sharing the den as a bedroom and the baby will be with us.

But in a few years, we plan on doing this (see above). First, moving the front door to make a front porch (now there is a rotted deck). Then add 9' to the master bedroom and a closet for the "den" so it can be a legal bedroom and we can rent it as a 4 bd / 2 bath. We also plan on creating a "carport" that will double as a outdoor living area in the summer (and we will park on the street for parties).I figure I need about $30,000 to do this. I want to do it with cash (no re-financing as we are getting a 5% fixed rate).  But I think I should be able to save that in 5 years, hopefully sooner.

And here is kind of an idea of our carport, when used as outdoor living... but that's not for awhile..

Here is the here and NOW....

And this is a 3d of our kitchen with eating space/ nook, looking at it from the backyardish.

And a picture of the nook idea.. not the colors, just the cushions and nook setup, but with a heafy pine table... doesn't it look soo cozy!

What I'll be building the wainscotting to look like. I just love the beadboard, very cottage. (There will be a window seat like that in the remodeled master bedroom.

And the floors, dark (not as dark as we would like, but it's what we can afford $1.15/ft at IKEA)

The Living room paint (above the wainscotting). Benjamin Moore : Alaskan Husky

And the wainscotting color, although I'm still considering white, but I think this will just feel so much warmer. Benjamin Moore : Ivory White

And some fabric ideas :Curtains?

And Pillows?

And the KITCHEN, I want a light butter yellow. This is Benjamin Moore : Lemon Souffle

To go along with our Stat White IKEA Cabinets

And the counters : pragel stone effect white from IKEA. They are like $72 for like 8' or something ridiculous.

And now for some fun.. I LOVE these lantern light fixtures

And the cottage feel I am going for.


Erica said...

I love all your ideas and what you'll be doing to the house. We plan on getting an early 1900's bungalow on some land for our next house to rennovate!

Momma Rhyne said...

OH fun! Yea, I wish we could get some land.... hopefully in a few years.

Erica said...

I left you an award on my blog!