Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All things COUNTRY

I am in LOVE with this picture! 

It is my essence.  CowBoy Boots, girly skirts and aprons, and a tough jean jacket! 

I miss my boots, they are packed away in our storage pod. I want my boots and my table saw, that is all I want back.  Out of a jam-crammed 8x16 storage pod, those are really the only things that I want out.  Maybe I'll have them droop the storage pod off at Goodwill.

I love the simple life.  Living in 400 sq ft with your in-laws will do that to you (or it may do the opposite). All I want to do is drop everything off at Goodwill, even the minimal stuff we have now, more needs to go.  Why collect junk, things you use once a year, things that aren't essential? 

Anyway, I'm so glad we actually found a house in cow town country, not the neighboring cities.  The house we are buying is smack dab in the middle of "Old Town District", hence the "built in 1916". The streets look like they are straight of of Mayberry. The biggest store in town is Del's Farm Supply. I just love it, wide open spaces. 

I'm just so excited to live and create my little farm cottage:   To bring it back to life.  Most would say that about an old 1916's Victorian, not the carpenters house who built the old victorian, LOL.  It's the simple life that I love. I am happy to buy under our budget, to live without the stress of a huge mortgage in a small house that will make our family strong, keep our family close.  And when we do move, it will be the perfect cute rental property.  

I have this dream of having 10+ rental properties, all in cow town that we own outright. Each property will be $1,200+ in our pockets each month. We will be living on 40 acres in our RhynEmbassy, see previous posts to view floorplans.  The exterior will be redesigned to look like an old farm house, nothing will look new, it will look like it's been there for 100 years, and it will be around for another 100 years.   We will have a huge barn with all the animals to teach the children about hard work, getting up early to milk the cows and collect the eggs before breakfast and school lesson.  I want my boys growing up knowing how to be a real man, works hard and love God and his family.
I want my girls knowing how to be real women, real support systems, strong, smart and hard working. Our children are our legacy. I don't want them to know of the millions in our bank account.  I want to train them to make their own millions, create their own jobs, sell the eggs they collect, etc. 

Raising our kids in today's technology, to appreciate the simple things in life will be quite a feat, especially since it is hubby's business to know all things technology.  But I think we can do it. I am just so excited to give my kids the life I always wished I had.  Parents who love each other and are together til the end of time, 40 acres and  creek to run free around, giant oak tree to swing from
Hubby and I will be sitting on the front porch, resting in peace in God's country.


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

You have the cutest family and blog!
I hope you get your house soon. Keep me updated.
I love what you wrote. About your dreams and what you want your children to be like and learn. We have chickens and i have similar dreams for my kids :)
have a great day!
Following you and would love if you follow me back.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Thanks for stopping by and following me! YOUR dream is MY dream! I want so bad to live the simple life... in the country. I want all the same for my kids! We have a five year plan to move out of the city. Pray for us, we'll pray for you. Your blog is so cute and you have the most beautiful family! I am a follower of you now too!

BTW, green sweats and pink t's sound heavenly... it is REALLY hard to get dressed - ugh ;)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I so love that photo with the aprons and boots...and have to say...moving from California to the midwest has been our dream come true...and I'm so happy you found a home in cow country...the Mayberry streets sound beautiful.