Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new project DESK

I am SOO thrilled of this find $15 off craigslist. (and it came with the chair).  I will be painting it white and replacing the hardware. The desktop will flip open (like a piano bench) to reveal my computer screen on the bottom side (so it will be facing me when open, facing the ground when closed and no one will know the desk houses a computer). The bottom two drawers will be converted into a cupboard to store the computer itself and the top left drawer will hold the keyboard and mouse when not in use. I may be switching to desktop to be actual wood.

I just love converting furniture to actually be functional.  As you can tell from the floor plans, our living will be VERY small and computer screens are just so ugly in the living room, I think they are ugly anywhere except the office so I am always trying to figure out a way to hide or disguise them.

But of course, I can't start work on this til after Carter's 4th birthday party, this Saturday.  I just wish my spray painter wasn't in storage, so back to old school, brush and foam roller. 

And I think I found the floors I want. $1.55/ft from Academy . They have the hand planed grooves that I love and I just love the dark color, see below, but our cabinets will be all white, but same countertop.

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