Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Passed Appraisal

Wahoo!! The sellers did $11,000 worth of work (which was surprising) and we just got the appraisal back and it just scraped in at $180,000 (our exact purchase price).  It seems like it's all coming together. This isn't our dream house, but having A house is our dream! LOL.

I have become quite fond of living in 400 sq ft. It's an amazing thing. When we moved in here in August (9 months ago), we thought we brought the bare miniums, clothes, computer, beds... but I am finding we still have too much.  I have given away 30% of Stephen and my clothes and toys are going goodbye, too.

When they deliver our storage POD to the house, I don't know what I am going to do with all that stuff.  We have enough clothes right now, but we have probably about 300% more in the container, along with 2 complete sets of furniture, bedroom set that wont come near to fitting in our 13x9 master bedroom... maybe I should just tell the guy to drop off our POD at Goodwill, LOL.  None the less, I will be going craigslist crazy trying to sell everything.

But now I am getting so "Decorating" excited...

I just LOVE that room.. The box beam ceilings are amazing, definitely what I will be doing in our living room and the wall texture is awesome.  It's so airy and fresh feeling.

 And this office, although quite cluttered, would be great for Stephen. I love the muted colors and the light.  I am just soooo excited for Stephen to have a real office. Right now he is working on the dining room table, his mom's painting studio, his mom's office or in the living room.  I feel so bad for him. I can't wait for him to get to concentrate.

I think I'll do something like this on the CEILING but with White beams, some kind of paint technique.  I want a tropical, fresh, a little modern, travelers office for him.  I bought an old school tan globe for $3 and an awesome amber lantern for $10.. I'm so excited. I want to have his desktop out of wood and it to be HUGE, at least 3' deep for his long legs and a giant L shape, 6' by 10'.  He works so hard for us, I just want him to have a space ALL his, no kids, no toys, no interruptions!!

Awesome Wood surface!

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