Friday, April 9, 2010

Aim Boot Camp

If anyone lives in the North Seattle area, and wants to get in shape, this boot camp is for you.

 I initially found this boot camp. while browing through the 50% coupons for the local radio station.  The trainer, Mark Haner. He makes sure you keep going and pushing yourself. They meet 3 times a week for only 30 mins.  I loved the idea. M W F 6:30-7:00, before the kids or Stephen would be up, I could go and get a work out in and be home 30 mins before anyone woke up.
So far, I have completed the first week, 3 days.  I was sooo sore.  It's like circuit training, but more intense.

And I know intense. I rowed crew for UW... I remember those practices being like this camp was but worse.. well and 3 kids ago, LOL. There I am, 2nd from the front... 30 lbs ago (140 lbs).  For those that don't know much about crew, it looks graceful but is one of the most intense sports that not only requires strength and endurance but also balance and timing.

Anyway, I'm loving the boot camp. I'm hoping to lose 10 lbs and be 160 by the May 14, when we leave for Disneyland... wahoo!!

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Erica said...

Good Luck! I wish there was something like that I could find to do around me. I'll have to look into it.