Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Room Fireplace Reveal

Oh my. How long as it bee since I've blogged??? First my camera went dead, just bought it (Nikon Coolpix) 6 months ago.  THen my computer got a wicked virus and wouldn't let me on the internet.

Now I have a new laptop.... YAY!

So when we first moved in,we had the most dysfunctional living room EVER. The wood stove sat in one corner and took up 1/6 of the (already tiny) living room.  So one day I ripped that out!

Then (since I am a stalker) I found an older looking gas fireplace for $65.  SOLD

So here is the progression.
 That is the front door (on the left) and the door to the kids room next to it.  The picture is taken sitting in the chair that now reside where the old wood stove was.  The armoire was huge and took up sooo much space.
 Another view, sitting at the desk.  You can see on the right where the wood stove was.
 So Redneck took 2 days off and we ripped out the wall.  Yup, thats the kids room.  (3 kids (and their clothes) in a 8x7 room. Lue sleeps in a crib in there (that was moved during construction)

Then we got it all framed out and wired in.  It was quite complicated actually because I wanted to use EVER nook and cranny to store something or other.
 But there she is NOW... photographed in HORRIBLE lighting.  The wall color is actually this.

Behr "Lightweight Beige" but the lighting make the room look yellow (and using a camera phone since my camera is broken).
 My favorite parts and why it took so long to build (6 weeks total). Behind the tv is a deep nook that is storage for the power and internet router and wireless modem. The mantel flips open (like  mailbox) to store Comcast box and Blu-ray player.  There is a channel behind the tv that goes down to the storage box to bring the cords up and hide them.  And the fireplace sides swing open to hold all the dvds.
 Another view from the desk.  The floor is HIDEOUS, I know.  It will soon be dark wood to match the mantel.
 And just inside the kids' room (that would be the office or den for any normal person) are more built-ins. 
You can see the power outlet and at the very top left, is a 'hole" that connect t the nook behind the tv, for in case the next resident has more components than we do.

So there you have it. And now, Luella can't reach to turn off the tv everytime the boys want to watch Thomas the Train.  Seriously, every time it would come on, she would walk over, push the power off and walk away.  Gotta love it!

And now I sit here.... 39 weeks pregnant and finally REST!! Hahaha, just kidding. Just fixed the garbage disposal and tomorrow will be installing our new dishwasher... Woot Woot!!


Allison said...

The fireplace and livingroom look amazing! I am so envious of your talent and creativity. Great work!

Meg Funk said...

Oh my goodness Missy, you are totally super mom :) everything looks amazing!!