Monday, January 24, 2011

Love me some TV

In our house, we have one 32" LCD tv in our living room.  That is all.  Not that we are against more, we just have been putting our money towards the bathroom instead.  So... since the boys bedroom is right on the other side of the living room wall, the tv get turned off as soon as they are in bed, 8:00pm.

We really need a tv in our bedroom.  But right now, I just watch movies on the iPad (currently on Season 3 of Prison Break via Netflix) and Stephen watches movies on his iMacBook  or works late.  I really like the idea of corner TV stands because our bedroom has such a weird layout.

I like this one but it needs to be higher. I'd probably add legs to it to raise it up an extra 12".

I just want to start watching my shows instead of being stuck watching whatever movies are on instant netflix. We will probably be moving our 32" to the bedroom once we remodel the living room, add the fireplace and get a bigger 42" for above the fireplace.  Our living room is so small, 12x14, anything larger than 42" would just be tacky.

I love the look of this one (tv is a little too  big) but old world cottage feel.

And the frame built around this one.

Does anyone know where you are suppose to put the dvd player and cable box.  I want it hidden.. but where?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bathroom Insanity

Remodeling so VERY slooooow when you are the only one working on it (ok Stephen helped with the demo)... and you have 3 kids, all 4 and under... and another one on the way.

We got the floors completely ripped out... all the way to the "joists"... they were actually 2x4's.

Fixed them with 2x6's and proper blocking

Then... turned around... had to move the 30" wide tub that wouldn't fit out the 24" door, to the new floor and repeat on the other side.

Remove flooring and 2x4 "joists"... look at nasty rotten wood, figure out to to "repair it"

Replace with 2x6 joists and blocking

And then add subfloor.  We did 2 layers of 1/2", to keep level with the hallway.. then 1 layer of 1/4" birch plywood that had to be perfectly leveled and smooth .... screw holes had to be filled and sanded, along with joint cracks.

We had to cut the 12' wide vinyl to be 5'9".  Carter (4.5) and August (2.5) were big helpers. We didn't have much space so we had to cut 3' at a time.. then roll it up, then roll 3' more out to cut... repeat for 12'.

Vinyl over my beautiful birch plywood.  Perfectly smooth

Got the toilet installed and still waiting on the faucet for the sink.

Now for the outlet moving, switch moving, sliding pocket door installation, drywall, beadboard, paint, trim.  I'm Tired!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are having a baby _ _ _ _ !

I had my 18 week ultrasound and the baby was VERY cooperative. 

So we are going to have another baby GIRL!!! She measured right on track for everything 18 weeks, 3 days.  My perfect lil' sweety!

So looks like we have a PINK caboose!!

Two boys... two girls... D-O-N-E!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bathroom Havoc

I got a new vanity for Christmas for a great deal from a lady on Craiglist. (It will be painted)

My original intention was to remove the old vanity that was completely worthless as a double vanity because barely one person could fit in the bathroom with where everything was positioned.

But after I started ripping up everything and moving the clawfoot tub back and forth because it's 30" wide and we have a 24" door (yay me). But I realized, the tub will be awesome where the double vanity used to be and all I would need to do is just move the drain... With putting the  vanity in the new spot, I would have to move the drain, and hot and cold water.

And the sink will go right next to the toilet (not moving the toilet.. not that crazy). But the floors are all different materials, not level, the tile was glued down, I think, but it didn't hold at all.  I will be giving away all the salvaged perfectly whole tiles on craigslist. Hopefully someone will want them, LOL. They are heavy and I don't want to take them to the dump. 

In the mean time, the floor are dry rot and will be entirely replaced tomorrow (by yours truely) and we will be installing new vinyl.  And since the budget is TIGHT (like jeggins tight), the walls wont be finished til next month.  But I just want to get the tub and toilet installed again, so the bathroom at least functions! 

I'm so excited! I'll post pictures of the tub and floor when we get it in!