Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Names

Ok, so, like most girls, I have been thinking about baby names since I decided to have children (at age 4).

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But, growing up in a mixed and matched family, I have wanted to create a heritage of strong family values since I can remember. So, I want their names to have some history behind them, also. So, I just came up with this novel idea to name them after president's last names. I mean, we already have Carter, so it makes alot of sense. And we can go backwards from most recent to the youngest will be the oldest president (of the names we like).

So here it is..
1- Carter William (Jimmy Carter 1977-81)
2- Kennedy Wallace -nickname ACE (John F. Kennedy 1961-63)
3- Roosevelt Avery - nickname ROE (Theodore Roosevelt 1901-09)
4- Grant Richardson (Ulysses Grant 1869-77)
5- Pierce Stephen (Franklin Pierce 1853-57)
6- Madison Justine -nickname Maddie (James Madison 1809-17)

And there are my 6 children.. but if we get to 5 and decide we want more than 6, there is always VanBuren, Jackson, Adams, Monroe, Jefferson, and Washington... then that's 12 kids... I think that should be plenty! :-)

Yay babies- Psalms 127:3-5