Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baby... baby no more

Ok, so he's only a year and a half old but he's such a little boy now with a personality and mind of his own. It's so hard to believe and I know it's only going to get worse! (Good thing I'm popping another one out in 8 months). His hair is so pretty.. a strawberry blonde color just like mine with a little bit of daddy's curls... but it was just getting too long so I borrowed my mom's buzz cutter and off it went to about the length of his cousin's hair. So sad, of course I saved a lock of hair, but now he looks so old. I like to keep him in his jammies for as long as possible during the day or at least til after his nap. But as soon as I put his clothes on.. he grabs his shoes off his dresser and brings them to me and stands there patiently, waiting for me to put them on for him. Then as soon as his shoes are on, he runs for the door and stands there like a little puppy waiting to be let free. He can turn the knob but hasn't quite figured out the pull it open part, thank goodness.

I'm pretty excited for boy#2 (I'm calling him that in faith that it is a boy). I've already bought a new infant car seat, a nice one that has really good safety ratings and it matches my new stroller perfectly. I bought my new double jogging stroller that I've used everyday for about 2 weeks now. Carter loves his walks. He loves to see his "mooos" and "pup pups" and "dat dat".. meaning 'that', I think because he's usually pointing to something he wants us to look at.

I really don't need anything else and that is a nice feeling. I just need to get the kitchen remodeled in 8 months, I think that is more than enough time. We are installing track lights to replace the fluorescent lights that have never really worked properly. I am hoping it was the lights themselves and that there isn't a short in the wiring. But once Carter wakes up, we'll get started on that and Stephen will have to turn his XBOX 360 off.

Anyway, some new names that we like...
  • Hinley Wallace(even though I can't find it in a baby name site), its my fav thus far
  • Dalton Wallace
  • Malachi
  • Sawyer
  • Emmitt
  • Landen Wallace

and we are pretty sure about
  • Madrona Faith for a girl (Maddie)

But I'm sure this will all change in a few months..LOL