Friday, July 16, 2010

The Exterior PROGRESS

The BEFORE.  You can see the ugly red door and metal screen door.
I found this picture on our county's web site, don't know when it was taken but before they put up the shutters and before the hazelnut grew to disgusting proportions

And a before that the assessor took. 
White Shutters
Ugly front fence

And our "now" (not "after" because it still has a  long way to go)
Fence gone
(posted for free on craigslist and they came and tore it out, post and all, save me the hassle and dump trip)
Navy Shutters and door
(Hubby ripping out the  weeds)

We are going for a much more friendly look.  Not the grumpy  old lady who the kids are afraid of when they accidentally kick the ball in the yard, LOL.

And a more close up of the front.  There will be  a white screen door, that I am yet to paint and install a new screen. Along with replacing that UGLY motion sensor.

And of course, we will be  building a roof over the completely rebuilt deck... when we have money.
Drool !!



Erica said...

Love what you've done and LOVE what you are planning on doing!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

It looks so much more friendly already. Love it with the fence gone and the blue shutters. The porch will be stunning when you get it done. Wow. Hugs, Marty

Lindsay said...

Aww it looks great! Love it!