Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Laundry / Kitchen Door

Nothing like a new purchase to kick your butt into gear to get things moving.  I had received this door for free when I picked up the huge slider in the laundry room.  Solid wood, no osb and heavy as they come.  But it was about 2" too side and 6" too tall.  I have been procrastinating cutting it down to size and had it stored back in the gap between the cabinet and wall.  Well, since I needed to rip out that cabinet to tall our new dinette, I  had nowhere to store it, so I got my boooty in gear.

And the ugly before.  Pretty sure they just cut that hole in the door and stuck in some plexi glass... EWWW!! Sorry for the different angle. Now that there is a huge window, you can see the ugly furnace from this angle, I need to do something about that.
PS. Can you see a peek of our new (to us) restaurant dinette set (in the first photo)?  I should be done patching the walls for the reveal next week.

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Lindsay said...

You have the best taste. I always love your ideas. :)