Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drip drip drip

When we moved in to our 1916 home, the kitchen faucet dripped, and dripped. We wrapped rubber bands around the handle to the spout to try to keep it from dripping, nothing worked.

Redneck was getting quite annoyed as I replaced the back slider, and built a front porch but didn't replace the faucet. 

Truth be told, I want an AWESOME faucet, don't know exactly which one yet, but know I definitely don't have money for it and don't want to pay for one I don't particularly like.
I've been stalking FREE craigslist as always, and finally was quick enough to snag this one.
I know, it's not super cool but it works and does NOT drip.
It even came with an awesome sink but I decided I didn't want and am trying to give away on CL, dang no-show people. ERG.

Anyone in the Seattle area want a cast iron sink?


Michelle said...

What are the dimensions of the sink? I'd love it if it's the right size. :) Thanks!

Cara said...

How funny..I saw that sink on CL and wondered if it was yours! If it doesn't disappear may I suggest using it as a planter or mounting it in a gardening bench or perhaps a future outdoor play kitchen for the kids? :)