Thursday, September 16, 2010

12 hour Office Redo

So Redneck (I call him that because his head is buried in the computer so much, that is all I ever see of him) got flown out to San Diego to meet with a head haucho about the computer application he's building.  We (me and 3 very tired lil' babes) had him  at the airport at 7:30am and he would be home at 10:00pm that same day.  So that gave me from 9am to 9 pm to work on his office.  So I called in the reinforcements, my awesome mother and father in law. They drove an hour (one way) to come help me paint and watch the kids.  What a life saver!!

Stephen works from home, which I love and so does he. I just always feel so bad that his office has never been touched with a paintbrush, especially when he spends so much time in it.

And I sort of expanded my "storage area" to the  back corner of his office.

It was about time to shove it all into the attic space.  One thing I love about old houses, they utilize every bit of space possible.

And the worst part, the window / window trim.  So bad, no caulk, too thin, puke!
So without further ad-due..

We gave it a nice grey blue color and built new window trim.  You may reconize the oar above the window that I carved for him for Father's Day. You can read about that post HERE.
Put up a drawing Redneck's late grandfather drew (who was also an architect).

And packed away all the boxes of cords and books. Put up a drawing from 2004, I did my sophomore year at UW for architecture school.

Fridge loaded with ice coffees.

But most importantly, the new window trim. He stares out this window all day, ok, not really all day, probably a glance here and there when he is thinking about a new coding string, but still.

I had 12 hours. And ZERO money (leftover paint and molding)... So I think it turned out pretty good.
(Still needs bookshelves and a new desk, but for for new, it'll do til we can build his outdoor office)


All That Jazz said...

I think you did such an amazing job! That window trim made a BIG difference...funny how something so small can change a whole perspective on a window! The framed family art was nice, too! I bet Redneck loved it....what was his reaction??

Michaela said...

Love love love the makeover! There is nothing like grabbing things you already own and changing things up a little! Great job!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

It looks SO SO great! It's amazing how neat and organized it looks. Fabulous job! = )