Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids and Togetherness

 It's no secret that I want at least one more baby.  And for some reason, I am in love with the idea of them all sharing a room.  I want them to be BEST friends, I never want them to have their own room, at least share with their same gendered sibling.
 I never in my life want to hear "Get out of MY room". It is their room, "our" room.

Ok, the bedding in the last picture is REALLY bad, but I love the layout!!

Ok, maybe when they are tWeenagers I'll let them have a girl room and boy room, LOL.  They can all sleep in one place (of course change clothes in the bathroom), and homeschool together in another room.  I think it will be alot easier to keep clean without school supplies scattered about, and putting away laundry.

Being a part of this Rhyne Brine is a team sport, the better  you know your team mates, the more games you will win.  I want them to be together, to whisper to each other at night about whatever is on their minds, to all learn in the same room, the older to help the younger ones.  This is my dream!!


Lindsay said...

I love this! The more I hear about the idea of sharing rooms I LOVE It. I never did as a kid so I am getting used to the idea. I LOVE that you want another bebe. SO cute.

All That Jazz said...

It is a very sweet dream! I love the pics of the bedrooms you featured. Those are really cool! I think sharing a room is kinda neat for kids, for the same reasons you'd want them too. Maybe they could have space elsewhere in the house (playroom, office) so that they could have "alone" time when they needed it, too!

Kellie Collis said...

These are lovely rooms and bunk beds! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

A-M said...

My boys are sharing a room together for the first time (8yrs and 12yrs) due to apartment necessity and they love it. My brothers shared bunks at home (during their uni years due to necessity and poverty) until their early 20's! I am sure they are best friends now in their 40's due to it! A-M xx

Erin said...

love love love all those pictures that you posted of the bunk beds!!!!