Saturday, March 13, 2010

A look back

(Stephen's office.. ie the window wall of our bedroom)

(The boys in their bath duckies watching tv, in front of our bed... (the living room)
Just some everyday life pics... I will look back fondly of our time at the Harrision's (halfway house) Hotel.. hehe!
(I bought Luella a swing when I was 8 months pregnant, but August liked it quite a bit)

(38 wks pregnant, still another 3 wks to go)
(Apparently they thought their room was so small they had to play in the toy box)

(Delivering Luella on Dec 14th in the standard 5' bathtub... after 1.5 hours of labor and pushing. She came soo fast, I'm so glad my midwife lived 10 mins away.
Luella Glory Rhyne was 10 lb 8 oz and 22.5" long)

(Loved having a homebirth. Can't wait to actually PLAN for my next one)

(He LOVES his new sister)
(Apparently August was quite upset that someone was in HIS swing,LOL)

(Large, Medium and Small)

(She's got daddy's dark hair)

(And while mommy is busy with the baby, the boys climb on the dresser)

(August chases Carter around to try and hug him. So sweet)

(My smiley happy girl)
(I chopped off 12" to donate to Locks of Love)
(My Mickey boys)

(The cousins March 2010. Mikey (8), Caleb (6), Carter (3.8), August (1.75))

(Luella 2.5 months)

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