Thursday, March 10, 2011

Master Bedroom Plans

We really really need a new mattress. 

Nothing is as simple as that in our house.  Our current mattress is HORRIBLE and a queen we were given by an old friend.  The problem is that our Sleigh bed (currently in storage) is King size.  Hubs is 6'4", and I am 5'10" and we usually have a child sleeping with us.  A KING is mandatory.

So since our bed is tucked in what used to be the closet, there is 72" clearance.  I need at least 76" to fit a king mattress.  And I don't want to buy a new queen just to not use in a couple years. So, I am going to have to alter the closet.  Remove some studs. Move some electrical. Replace with new trim.

I've always loved this fabric
And this Butter paint from BM
So, we'll see what I can do.
Need to get rid of our gloomy bedroom.  In Seattle, we see enough gray blue in the skies, I don't need it in the bedroom too.

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