Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frugal Friday

Today I'm linking up with "Frugal Friday" at
Now, most wouldn't think that a complete overhaul bathroom remodel would be Frugal but you'd be surprised.

Normally, I don't like spilling the beans on money.  We don't have a lot of it, and if I have some, I feel like I'm bragging.  But our entire bathroom.. ripping out all joists, replacing all walls, etc totaled out at 

To me, that is a steal. My goal was to get it under $800, (I had $400 / month remodel budget) but you know how all the little things start adding up.

Vanity $100 (used craigslist)
Floor joists / subfloor $300
Vinyl and tape $85 
Drywall and supplies $80
Beadboard $80
Pocket door frame $100
Pocket door Revamp (with plexiglass and vinyl sticker) $70
Paint $60
Trim $50 
Chandelier $45
Electrical  wiring/switches/outlets $20
Plumbing pipes, valves $30 
Faucet $90
(2) Rob hooks $30
Screws, nails, misc $14

Seems like a lot of money to me but considering it probably adds about $10,000 equity in the house... 
seems like a great deal to me!
And now I get to enjoy it, instead of doing it just to get it sold.

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Lindsay said...

This is amazing. SO glad you linked up to Frugal Friday, I adore the shabby nest :)