Monday, August 23, 2010

Salvaged window

I love to salvage... especially from my own remodels.

This weekend, we ripped out the back door and windows to install an new (but free to me) 96" wood sliding glass door. Those 2 windows are 44" x 44" single pane and I love them.

So out they go...

And here we go.

Ok, I still need some pretty vases, glass containers to display cotton balls, q-tips, and hooks at the top for necklaces (possibly put a mirror behind it)..
But I am so happy with the result.

The other one is going in the living room...

BUT the question is: Should I give it a fresh coat of white or keep the shabby look?

And the laundry room / sliding glass door remodel should be done next weekend.


Lindsay said...

SO Creative! I love this!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

That is so clever. I love it. I like the shabby look but paint is up to you. A mirror will look fantastic too. Can't wait to see the sliding door. Hugs, Marty

Michelle said...

I can't believe all the work you're doing! Wow! :)

I would paint the frame, but that's just me. I love things freshly painted!

Erica said...

Melissa! You are so creative and handy it amazes me. I have just now learned to mow...Haha!

I say leave it shabby, I love the look!

All That Jazz said...

It looks great! I'm about to put an old window on my living room wall. I didn't think of adding a shelf!
I love it shabby and chippy, think you should leave it that way! ;)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I LOVE the shabby chic look. Great idea, it looks gorgeous!!