Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ariel View

What is now. We have 7,200 sq ft. Yes, it is small.
We don't have a front driveway. We have to drive up our neighbors driveway and turn into our pile of gravel.  So we are turning our whole front into GRASS, nice and easy. We have back alley access so we are redoing (next summer) to be a covered carport that will double as an outdoor living room.

This nasty shed will be gone... once I build a new one. PUKE

Replacing this ugliness will be a great carport that doubles as an outdoor living in the summer, with a fireplace and kitchenette.

And along the back property line, will be Stephen's 8x16 office that overlooks the backyard. He can work and watch his kids play in the backyard. What a dream life. But the roof over the left and right will stretch a little further. On the right, it will be 16' and will be a storage shed.  And on the right, it will be 16' but just be an open roof, where he can just sit outside and work. Like a front porch, but to his office.

Stephen's office will have a gambrel roof and be HUGE. I can't wait. (Imagine Grass and kids playing instead of the pool). That's a mother's dream.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

You have some wonderful plans!! Can't wait to see them unfold.

cityfarmer said...

oooops ... i thought these were your actual plans ...
I'm sure everything is well planned and thought out!

oh, so much fun

Ally said...

I love your blog! You definitely have a new follower :)