Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drag me (a more personal note)

Who would have thought that buying this lil' dinky house in the country would be so difficult.

Apparently, USDA (who we were getting our loan through) has run out of funds... .Isn't that just GREAT news to hear the day after we were suppose to be signing? So after 3 months of underwriting and negotiations, no USDA loan for us.

 So now instead of 0% down, we have to go with a FHA loan and come up with 3.5% ($6,500) out of thin air in 2 weeks and pray we can close before the June 30th deadline and that the sellers grant us the extension.

Our Skype Converstation from yesterday:

 Stephen Rhyne: We will get through this
 Stephen Rhyne: I am big strong manly Husband leader
 Stephen Rhyne: I will pick you up
 Stephen Rhyne: and drag you across the finish line
 Stephen Rhyne: if I have to!
 Melissa Rhyne: you already are...
 Stephen Rhyne: NP, I have been riding on your back for how many years?

This last year could have ruined our marriage completely. 

Launching a new business endeavor
Living with 5 people in 400 sq ft
Living with the in-laws
But we are going to make it through. Stephen is my rock (after God, of course). But I am truely understanding the  power and God's intention of  marriage. He is my strength  when I am weak and I feel so blessed to be his wife.

Who would have thought, that after an impromptu-eloped marriage after being engaged for 5 months would be working out like this?  Stronger than ever?

Looking back at these pictures (March 3rd, 2005), I can't wait for our 10 year renewal, in 5 more years.  Since none of our family was there the first time around, we are doing the whole thing over again, in the same place, in Waikiki, HI. The kids will be in it, and it will be a blast.

Ok, now I feel better.


Erica said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I will keep you guys and your situation in my prayers.

Emilie said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through! It will ALL work out with God in control :) You just focus on your family and your marriage and let God take care of the rest. Yes, and let your hubby be that ROCK and carry...or drag you over that finish line!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

That was me BTW ;) Signed into the wrong account... dang hackers have me all messed up!

Erin said...

Just found your blog. Hope things work out. Your plan to renew your vows sounds amazing!!

Lindsay said...

I am stopping by from My sweet savannah and I just fell in love with your blog. Your story is so sweet and very similar to my own! :) Look forward to following you into the future :) Have a great week!


Kelly said...

Great pictures! You were a beautiful bride!!