Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look what I got...

Baby #4 arrived early this morning at 3:41am.

Magnolia Joy
June 18th, 2011
8 lb 8 oz
21" long
14.25" head
(my tiniest baby)

Contractions started about midnight and right off the bat were 45 sec long and 3 mins apart. (You are suppose to head to the hospital when contractions are 1 min long and 5 mins apart).  I hoped right in the clawfoot tub, the most relaxing place to labor.

  We had planned another homebirth but labor is a weird thing.  Contractions hurt bad... but in between contraction you feel 100% fine.    I kept telling myself that the contractions would peeter out and didn't end up having Redneck call the midwife until 2 am. 
Turns out my midwife was just finishing up another delivery in Puyallup, about 45 minutes away.  So she wrapped up there and got to our house around 2:35 (she sped, hehehe). Contractions continued to get stronger and finally had to push at about 3:30. 

2 pushes and Magnolia was born at 3:41am.

The 3 other short people that I claim as my own, slept through the entire thing.

My awesome midwife, Ann Olsen, and her daughter (aka assistant) got me all set up in bed, everything cleaned up, baby weighed and checked out, to McDonalds to get us breakfast and back, and were gone by 6am... and my kids still hadn't woke up.  We got about an hour of sleep in before they eventually woke up and the boys were very excited to meet their new lil' sissy "Nolie".  Luella, on the other hand, could care less.  I think she thinks I'm holdimg a doll or something, she hasn't even given her lil' sis a second glance, LOL. 

But all is well in the Rhyne household and my family feels so complete. 
Nolie is nursing great and sleeping a ton!


Cara said...

She is beautiful! Great job Momma!

Lindsay said...

CONGRATS! She's beautiful!

TPPmommyof3 said...

She is gorgeous... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!! I am so glad to see you on blogger!! Congratulations on your precious addition!! She is just so cute and perfect and cuddly and .... I need to stop before I get #4 before we are ready! You did good mama!!