Monday, January 24, 2011

Love me some TV

In our house, we have one 32" LCD tv in our living room.  That is all.  Not that we are against more, we just have been putting our money towards the bathroom instead.  So... since the boys bedroom is right on the other side of the living room wall, the tv get turned off as soon as they are in bed, 8:00pm.

We really need a tv in our bedroom.  But right now, I just watch movies on the iPad (currently on Season 3 of Prison Break via Netflix) and Stephen watches movies on his iMacBook  or works late.  I really like the idea of corner TV stands because our bedroom has such a weird layout.

I like this one but it needs to be higher. I'd probably add legs to it to raise it up an extra 12".

I just want to start watching my shows instead of being stuck watching whatever movies are on instant netflix. We will probably be moving our 32" to the bedroom once we remodel the living room, add the fireplace and get a bigger 42" for above the fireplace.  Our living room is so small, 12x14, anything larger than 42" would just be tacky.

I love the look of this one (tv is a little too  big) but old world cottage feel.

And the frame built around this one.

Does anyone know where you are suppose to put the dvd player and cable box.  I want it hidden.. but where?

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