Friday, December 24, 2010

Living Room Dreams

I have 3 children, can you  tell?   In a (blog) world where everyone's living room looks like a show room, lets get real.  We live in 920 sq ft. The wood stove HORRIBLY placed in the right corner, takes up about 1/6 of the tiny floor space we have and it's got to GO!

I would go insane following my children around, picking up their toys, in between laundry, kitchen cleaning, meal making, etc.

But one day, (in the next few months), I will be installing a gas fireplace, right where the kid's bedroom door is.  The armoir will be gone and the den door will be moved there.

The upper beams will resemble this, along with the fireplace and tv. (Beam not pictured but 14" down from ceiling). The windowseats will be the front door (left) and den door (right).

I'm thinking about a very beige/ warm palette. I'm not a fan of modern decor, you know me, I'm a country girl. But have decided that I will be getting this convex mirror and painting white, then sanding it.

I'm going to put it on the stair wall so "in theory" I can be in the kitchen, look back at that mirror wall and see the kids playing. (see it edited into the photo, haha)

Then there's the flooring.  I was going to go with this IKEA antique

But have since found this Armstrong vinyl, that I could use throughout the kitchen, laundry, and bath, without worry of water damage. And it'll be seamless! I've haven't priced it out yet at Lowes, but I like it alot.

And since in about 3 years, we'll be renting this place out, we want the least maintenance and the MOST durable. From what I've heard, tenants are very nice to homes that aren't theirs, so I'm just thinking ahead. 

What do you think, vinyl too lame?


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

I think your living room looks lovely! MUCH BETTER than the perfect, pristine living rooms of others in blogland where they have a lot of kids, but no kids toys or messes are every shown. Your home is real and it shows it is lived-in and loved. I think it looks fantastic!
Best regards,

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I can relate! And here is my little secret...When I take photos, I make sure the kiddo is occupied, I remove about half of the crap out of the room, and then I take photos. haha!! My house never looks like a showroom. But sometimes its nice to have a photo with which I can pretend it!!

And seriously, having kids makes a house so much happier and more beautiful. I wouldn't trade a designer house for that any day! Even if my son did poop on my new pillow shams last night...