Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Dare

So, my dearest SIL is getting a divorce after 8.5 years of marriage, 2 sons (7 &5), and moving to Hoonah, Alaska to be missionaries. I just hate my ex-BIL... but I won't go into too many details, he is chatting it up with one of her old friends, in a not so innocent way.

I grew up without a dad until I was 5 when my mom remarried. My step dad wasn't the best dad, he never treated me like the princess I wanted to be but I can't complain, because at least I had a father. In the meantime, I'll I've ever dreamed of was to have an awesome husband, who is an awesome devoted father and tons of kids running around the house. I'd be in a blissful chaos. So I ordered the book "Love Dare". It is a 40 day journery, where each day you do something new. Example, Day 1: Be patient. Don't let anything your partner says bother your or get you upset. Day 2: Be kind. Do something out of the ordinary to be proactive to make your partner feel super special.

Well, today is day 2. And Stephen is actually doing it with me. I'm so excited!! We don't have the best relationship and he can be quite moody. One minute telling me how much he loves me, then next telling me that I'm not supportive. So, it means the world that he is willing to put forth effort for your relationship instead of spending the whole day on the computer.

We spent our 4 year anniversary at his parents house and they had the movie "Fireproof" based on Love Dare. I begged him to stay in and watch the movie for our anniversary instead of going out to dinner and he agreed. Of course that movie is super "Christian Cheesy" but it makes good points. And he said, "We should get the book". I couldn't believe my ears. But a couple weeks went by and he never got it, so I just ordered it online (along with Duggars, 20 and counting, LOL)

So today, I am going to go grocery shopping and buy him Corned beef and cabbage. His favorite meal... and my most HATED meal. :-D He brought me coffee in bed, LOL. Progress is progress!!

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