Monday, July 30, 2007

Who told you that?!?!?

We were watching Little Miss Sunshine last night and the little 6 year old girl was talking to her grandpa and she started crying. She asked if she was pretty and if she was a loser... it broke my heart! If my child ever asked me that, I would break down and cry. A couple months ago at church the sermon was on "What God thinks of His children". If your child came up to you and asked "why am I ugly" or "I'm stupid", what goes through your mind? "You are absolutely NOT any of that and who told you that?!!" I would want to go and find whoever defiled my sons thoughts of himself and beat him up. It is unacceptable! I just keep thinking back about that sermon and how it is the same way with God. When someone tells HIS children that they are not good enough, it breaks His heart. I just love knowing that God loves me waaay more than I love my son and that thought is something that I just can't wrap my mind around. Most mothers love their children more than life itself. I just love thinking about that, sounds stupid, but I'm sooo psyched that I am a Christian and had a child that kept me from a perpetual life of self-absorption. I'm not some kind of philosopher, by any means, I'm smart enough to know that I am not smart at all but the creator of the universe is my Daddy and He loves me (and my family) more than anything.

Now that is something worth living for!

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Jussie said...

I completely agree! All this motherly love is so strong that I can hardly bear it sometimes. I'm sure you understand. Carter is really growing...He looks so much like Stephen did at that age. Hope to see you guys soon!